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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I've come across a cool site that post DIY hairstyles and makeup tutorial.. It's so cute that i want to share it to you guys! links will be at the bottom! ^_^

Headband Curls
Waves & Curls

Curly Bun


Poof Bun

Twisted Half Updo

Twisted Side 1/2 Updo

Japanese Geisha

Braided Side Updo

French Braid Pigtails

One Sided Braided Buns

French Braid

Rope Braid Updo

French Braid Updo

Poof Crown French Braid Updo

Circle Updo

onut Bun

French Braid Crown Bun Check out her site for more! ^_^

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

REVIEW: Holika Holika Enamel Magicara (Volume & Curling)

It says:
Endorsed by CNBlue and Sistar, the Holika Holika Enamel Magicara is a mascara that not only lengthens, volumizes and adds an enamel coat to lashes for a dramatic, deep black shine. Think Hollywood glamour! Formulated with diamonds, amethyst, pearl powder, mineral, ocean water for glossy lashes.

back of the box

Finally! I have time to review this! I bought it not too long ago. I really can't remember. -_-
One of my favorite mascara next to Majorca Majolica Lash Expander Frame but CHEAPER.. I bought it out of curiosity since it looks like mascaras from Majorca Majolica especially at the top..
See! It really looks almost the same..  
comb-like brush ^_^

Here's some before and after pics..

Top: bare lashes
Below: 3 coats of mascara

Top: bare lashes
Below: 3 coats of mascara

-It gave my lashes great volume and curls.
-I didn't even bother to curl my lashes! It curled by itself.
-Easy to handle and works great on lower lashes too.
-Easily removed by oil-based makeup removers.

-It clumps easily.. (must.. resist.. rubbing.. eyes.. >.<)
-It feel somewhat heavy
-Not available in the Philippines

OVERALL:  Its not really glossy or shiny like the ad said but it doesn't matter to me any way. I still love it! It never fails to give that dramatic fake eyelashes look! Such a low profile mascara but its works like the high-end ones.. I'm really glad i bought it! I would definitely recommend it!

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Monday, July 9, 2012

REVIEW: Leg Panic SOS!

Here's a review for Leg Panic SOS. I've ordered these few months ago from here at multiply. And yes, I used my own money to purchase it. If your from Philippines, its not locally available here but you could visit her multiply site if your interested! She's a trusted and a certified multiply seller, PLUS she's very accommodating. She even gave me freebies! <3 So without further adieu.. here's my haul..

What the product says:

Do you want to lose inches at the lower part of the body? Try Leg Panic SOS, it is safe and effective to achieve the slender legs of a model.

Leg Panic SOS
-NO more elephant legs.
-Have legs as slim as model

Other claims: 
-reduces leg swelling
-It is combined with Kintoki Ginger extracts, Eucommia tea extracts, angelica and red pepper to support your legs
-Magnesium in the supplement is good for removing fats

About the ingredients: 

That is what i've found out..


I've ordered only 2 packs of Leg Panic Sos. 

On the 1st pack, i drink 6 tablets before sleeping. Then changed to 3 tablets on the second pack.

TASTE: Uhhhhmmm.. It doesn't taste good but it doesn't taste so bad either. It taste like mixed herbs and smells like it too.. 

REACTION: There were no allergic reaction & no gastic irritation whatsoever..

OVERALL: Its like drinking vitamin supplements at night. I didn't feel nauseous or loose my appetite the next morning . No tingling sensation at my legs. Nothing at all. At first I thought, i felt like there's nothing happening on my legs. 

After 1 pack, i measured my legs again, i lost an INCH! yes, AN INCH! wow, i really can't believe it! I finished 2nd pack and i lost 1 and a half inch in total. Here's my before and after pics..


More pic.. ^_^

Though i slimmed down my legs a tiny bit, There is no BIG difference but I am still happy that my legs are much less bulkier than usual.. I didn't ordered again after 2 packs since i'm not that rich. but after few months of not using this, it didn't return to its normal fatness(?!). YEY!

DISCLAIMER: There are no miracle products that can slim your legs [very] fast. I still recommend not to rely solely on this product. Exercise and a well balanced diet is still recommended. 

Its perfect for those people who want to slim down their legs a little bit. It's effectiveness differs from one person to another. It would not hurt to try it yourself. ^_^ BUT, i don't recommend this for people who are allergic to the ingredients stated above and those who want to have a major slimming on their legs and want it FAST!

NEXT, I'll review Night Boomer G..

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