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Saturday, November 24, 2012

REVIEW: Baviphat Essence Lipstick

I was going to buy the Lioele Donut Glo-stick which cost roughly 500 plus pesos (I think) from an online seller I've known for years then I came across this product that is on sale on her shop. It looks exactly like Lioele's but 100 pesos cheaper. A cheapskate like me would immediately buy this without hesitation. Since it's Baviphat and it's better than buy a fake one or a knock-off right?

Here's what it looks like:

Bought the color #2

See, it looks exactly like Lioele's


-I love the cute pink color without looking unnatural
-The packaging is cute
-Its somewhat moisturizing so no need to apply lipbalm before this
-leaves a cute pinkish tint on the lips

-not pigmented enough to be a liptick
-I hate the shimmers
-Lasts up to 2 hours or less if you are eating or drinking
-It smell and taste like cheap lipstick
-Not for people who wants extreme moisturizing

OVERALL: Don't be fooled! It looks exactly like Lioele's and might be the same #2 color but cheaper. But I'm not saying that it's an exact replica of Lioele's Donut Glo-stick. I'm just saying that it looks almost the same. I always use this especially on busy days that I needed a more natural pink lips with out the hassle of applying lip balm then top it off with my lipstick (too time consuming). Now, i'm itching to buy Lioele's for comparison. Maybe next time! Although I wont be buying this again any time soon I would still recommend you to try this!

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  1. lovely color :) m following

    do check my blog

  2. the shade is really lovely~ thanks for sharing =)


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