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Friday, November 23, 2012

REVIEW: Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer (NEW)

Ever since I was in high school I always suffer from pimple breakouts and after my battle with the pimples they will always leave this very ugly scars on my face! So my journey to find my HG concealer started. I've tried so many concealers in the past (except for high-end ones since i'm still a student back then and i don't have so much money). I've tried avon, careline, elf, etc. most of them aren't pigmented enough or slide on my oily face or break me out. Then my guardian angel led me to this very cute pink store and found my all time favorite concealer.

I've been using this for YEARS! I'm not exaggerating, I've been using this on top of my BB cream for approx 3 years now. And i have to say that i really love this! I'm so focused on using this I haven't tried the Surprise Stick concealer yet but I've heard great reviews so I might be getting it on my next haul. :)

It says: " Conveniently sized liquid concealer eliminates complexion worries by providing durable and light spot concealment. Brush application is quick and easy to use."

Recently they changed their packaging and maybe their formula.

In the past it looked like this:

To this:

OLD: left /NEW: right

I love love love the new packaging! It's cuter than before. Even the applicator changed too! But the change doesn't matter much to me I think it works the same. BUT the big change that I liked the most is the smell of the product! The new one smelled very subtle and nice. It's not overpowering like the old one that smells like an old lady's perfume instead it smells like floral-powdery kind of smell but very light. :3

Here's some swatches:

The new one has more yellowish tone than the old one.
i use #2 natural beige

The new one is much lighter than the old one.

only concealer on
After hours of travelling and shopping its still there! :3
(puffy face! xD ) 

The pimples, redness and scars practically disappeared like magic! Even my big pores were covered by the concealer alone. It brightened up my skin so I sometimes use this as a highlighter on the bridge of my nose and my upper cheeks then top it with a powder type highlighter and it will last all day long on my very oily face.

-very pigmented
-looks very natural and feels natural
-can cover pimples and scars very well
-doesn't slide off my oily skin
-can be used as a highlighter
-cheaper than MAC, only for 298php
-last all day long
-love the packaging
-the scent is not over powering
-it didn't break me out ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

-available in 2 shades only
-if not properly blended out it will looked caked
-not for people who likes heavy coverage

OVERALL: I love using this concealer very much! I would definitely recommend this to all the girls out there who are also in a tight budget like me. I would probably buy more of these in the near future and probably try the surprise stick concealer too. :)

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  1. I love this concealer too! I didn't know they have repackage it. Thanks for sharing =)

  2. wooaaah,this concealer really can shade red scar? Woah,definitely will buy it!!Thankyou for your review^^

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    1. yup! its very effective on concealing red scar! Its a must try! :)

  3. omg!! i really need this >_< nice review!

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    1. Thank u so much! sure! lets follow each other! :)


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